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The Squad

The following is a list of players with a full first team contract or development contract.

Basic details of each player are included below, but please click on each player’s name or picture to find out more! 


 Jimmy Adams
 Batsman & Club Captain

 Shirt Number: 4
 DOB: 23.09.80
 Playing Style: Left Hand Bat & Left Arm Medium-Fast Bowler
 Debut: v Somerset (April, 2001)
 Top Score: 262* v Nottinghamshire (July, 2006)







 James Vince
 Batsman, Club Vice-Captain & T20 Captain

 Shirt Number: 14
 DOB: 14.03.91
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Right Arm Medium Bowler
 Debut: v Loughborough MCCU (May, 2009)
 Top Score: 240 v Essex (June, 2014)






 Andre Adams

 Shirt Number: 41
 DOB: 17.07.75
 Playing Role: Right-Arm Fast-Medium Bowler & Right Hand Bat
v Warwickshire (April, 2015)
 Best Figures: 3-93 v Warwickshire (April, 2015)








Basil Akram 

 Shirt Number: 26
 DOB: 23.02.93
 Playing Style: Right-Arm Fast-Medium Bowler & Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Yorkshire (August, 2014)
Best Figures: 0-24 v Yorkshire (August, 2014)







Tom Alsop

 Shirt Number: 9
 DOB: 26.11.95
 Playing Style: Left Hand Bat
 Debut: v Gloucestershire (July, 2014)
 Top Score: 33 v Kent (September, 2014)







 Yasir Arafat

 Shirt Number: 99
 DOB: 12.03.82
 Playing Role: Right-Arm Fast-Medium Bowler & Right Hand Bat







 Tom Barber

 Shirt Number: 20
 DOB: 08.08.95
 Playing Role: Left-Arm Fast-Medium Bowler & Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Yorkshire (August, 2014)
Best Figures: 2-22 v Yorkshire (August, 2014)








 Gareth Berg

 Shirt Number: 13
 DOB: 18.01.81
 Playing Role: Right-Arm Fast-Medium Bowler & Right Hand Bat
Debut: v Loughborough MCCU (April, 2015)
Best Figures: 3-73 v Sussex (April, 2015)








 Jackson Bird

 Shirt Number: 22
 DOB: 11.12.86
 Playing Role: Right-Arm Fast-Medium Bowler & Right Hand Bat








 Danny Briggs

 Shirt Number: 19
 DOB: 30.04.91 
 Playing Style: Left Arm Orthodox Bowler & Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Essex (September, 2008)
 Best Figures: 6-65 v Nottinghamshire (July, 2011)







 Michael Carberry

 Shirt Number: 15
 DOB: 29.09.80
 Playing Style: Left Hand Bat & Right Arm Off-Break Bowler
 Debut: v Gloucestershire (April, 2006)
 Top Score: 300* v Yorkshire (August, 2011)






 Liam Dawson

 Shirt number: 8 
 DOB: 01.03.90
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Slow Left-Arm Orthodox Bowler
 Debut: v Northamptonshire (August, 2007)
 Top Score: 169 v Surrey (May, 2011)
 Best Figures:  5-29 v Leicestershire (April, 2012)






Sean Ervine

 Shirt number: 7
 DOB: 06.12.82
 Playing Style: Left Hand Bat & Right Arm Medium Bowler
 Debut: v Gloucestershire (April, 2005) 
 Top Score: 237* v Somerset (May, 2010)
 Best Figures: 5-50 v Glamorgan (May, 2005)






 Joe Gatting

  Shirt number: 6
  DOB: 25.11.87
  Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Right Arm Off-Break
  Debut: v Worcestershire (April, 2014)
  Top Score: 67 v Derbyshire (April, 2014)






 Lewis McManus

 Shirt Number: 18
 DOB: 09.10.94
Playing Style: Right Hand Bat
Debut: N/A






 Owais Shah

 Shirt Number: 3
 DOB: 22.10.78
 Playing Role: Right Hand Bat & Right-Arm Off-Break Bowler
Debut: v Sussex (May, 2014)
Top Score: 50* v Essex (May, 2014)







 Will Smith

 Shirt Number: 2
 DOB: 28.09.82
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Right Arm Off-Break 
 Debut: v Worcestershire (April, 2014)
Top Score: 151* v Essex (June, 2014)







Brad Taylor

 Shirt Number: N/A
 DOB: 14.03.97
 Playing Style: Right-Arm Off-Break Bowler & Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Bangladesh A (August, 2013)
 Best Figures: 4-64 v Lancashire (August, 2013)






 Sean Terry

 Shirt Number: 10
 DOB: 01.08.91
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Off-Break bowler
 Debut: v Warwickshire (March, 2012)
 Top Score: 63 v Leicestershire (August, 2014)







 James Tomlinson

 Shirt Number: 21
 DOB: 12.06.82
 Playing Style: Left Arm Medium-Fast Bowler & Left Hand Bat
 Debut: v Loughborough MCCU (June, 2002)  
 Best Figures: 8-46 v Somerset (May, 2008)







 Adam Wheater

 Shirt Number: 31
 DOB: 27.06.90
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Warwickshire (March, 2013) 
 Top Score: 140 v Lancashire (August, 2013)






Brad Wheal 

 Shirt Number: 58
 DOB: 26.08.96
 Playing Style: Right-Arm Fast-Medium Bowler & Right Hand Bat








 Chris Wood

 Shirt Number: 25
 DOB: 27.06.90
 Playing Style: Left Arm Medium-Fast Bowler & Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Glamorgan (April, 2009) 
 Best Figures: 5-22 v Glamorgan (August, 2012)
 Top Score: 105* v Leicestershire (April, 2012)