The Squad

The following is a list of players with a full first team contract or development contract.

Basic details of each player are included below, but please click on each player’s name to find out more.


 Jimmy Adams
 Batsman & Club Captain

 Shirt Number: 4
 DOB: 23.09.80
 Playing Style: Left Hand Bat & Left Arm Medium-Fast Bowler
 Debut: v Somerset (April, 2001)
 Top Score: 262* v Nottinghamshire (July, 2006)







 James Vince
 Batsman, Club Vice-Captain & T20 Captain

 Shirt Number: 14
 DOB: 14.03.91
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Right Arm Medium Bowler
 Debut: v Loughborough MCCU (May, 2009)
 Top Score: 240 v Essex (June, 2014)






 Kyle Abbott

 Shirt Number: 87
 DOB: 18.06.87
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler
 Debut: v Gloucestershire (April, 2014)
 Best Figures: 5-44 v Essex (June, 2014)






Tom Alsop

 Shirt Number: 9
 DOB: 26.11.95
 Playing Style: Left Hand Bat
 Debut: v Cardiff MCCU (May, 2014)
 Top Score: 53 v Cardiff MCCU (May, 2014)







 David Balcombe

 Shirt Number: 84
 DOB: 24.12.84
 Playing Style: Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler & Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Gloucestershire (April, 2006) 
 Best Figures: 8-71 v Gloucestershire (April, 2012)







 Tom Barber

 Shirt Number: 20
 DOB: 08.08.95
 Playing Role: Left-arm Fast-Medium Bowler & Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Cardiff MCCU (May, 2014)
 Best Figures: 4-38 v Cardiff MCCU (May, 2014)







Michael Bates

 Shirt Number: 16
 DOB: 10.10.90
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat 
 Debut: v Bradford/Leeds UCCE (March, 2010)
 Top Score: 103 v Yorkshire (May, 2012) 






 Ruel Brathwaite

 Shirt Number: 11
 DOB: 06.09.85
 Playing Style: Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler & Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Northamptonshire (September, 2013)
 Best Figures: 3-112 v Northamptonshire (September, 2013)






 Danny Briggs
 Spin Bowler

 Shirt Number: 19
 DOB: 30.04.91 
 Playing Style: Left Arm Orthodox Bowler & Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Essex (September, 2008)
 Best Figures: 6-65 v Nottinghamshire (July, 2011)







 Michael Carberry

 Shirt Number: 15
 DOB: 29.09.80
 Playing Style: Left Hand Bat & Right Arm Off-Break Bowler
 Debut: v Gloucestershire (April, 2006)
 Top Score: 300* v Yorkshire (August, 2011)






 Matt Coles

 Shirt Number: 26
 DOB: 29.09.90
 Playing Style: Right Arm Fast-Medium Bowler & Left Hand Bat
 Debut: v Lancashire (August, 2013)
 Best Figures: 6-71 v Essex (September, 2013)
 Top Score: 83 v Leicestershire (May, 2014) 






 Liam Dawson

 Shirt number: 8 
 DOB: 01.03.90
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Slow Left-Arm Orthodox Bowler
 Debut: v Northamptonshire (August, 2007)
 Top Score: 169 v Surrey (May, 2011)
 Best Figures:  5-29 v Leicestershire (April, 2012)






Sean Ervine

 Shirt number: 7
 DOB: 06.12.82
 Playing Style: Left Hand Bat & Right Arm Medium Bowler
 Debut: v Gloucestershire (April, 2005) 
 Top Score: 237* v Somerset (May, 2010)
 Best Figures: 5-50 v Glamorgan (May, 2005)






 Joe Gatting

  Shirt number: 6
  DOB: 25.11.87
  Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Right Arm Off-Break
  Debut: v Worcestershire (April, 2014)
  Top Score: 67 v Derbyshire (April, 2014)







 Lewis McManus

 Shirt Number: 18
 DOB: 09.10.94
Playing Style: Right Hand Bat
Debut: v Cardiff MCCU (May, 2014)
 Top Score: 108 v Cardiff MCCU (May, 2014)







 Will Smith

 Shirt Number: 2
 DOB: 28.09.82
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Right Arm Off-Break 
 Debut: v Worcestershire (April, 2014)
Top Score: 151* v Essex (June, 2014)







 Sean Terry

 Shirt Number: 10
 DOB: 01.08.91
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat & Off-Break bowler
 Debut: v Warwickshire (March, 2012)
 Top Score: 63 v Leicestershire (August, 2014)







 James Tomlinson

 Shirt Number: 21
 DOB: 12.06.82
 Playing Style: Left Arm Medium-Fast Bowler & Left Hand Bat
 Debut: v Loughborough MCCU (June, 2002)  
 Best Figures: 8-46 v Somerset (May, 2008)






 Adam Wheater

 Shirt Number: 31
 DOB: 27.06.90
 Playing Style: Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Warwickshire (March, 2013) 
 Top Score: 140 v Lancashire (August, 2013)






 Chris Wood

 Shirt Number: 25
 DOB: 27.06.90
 Playing Style: Left Arm Medium-Fast Bowler & Right Hand Bat
 Debut: v Glamorgan (April, 2009) 
 Best Figures: 5-22 v Glamorgan (August, 2012)
 Top Score: 105* v Leicestershire (April, 2012)