The Ageas Bowl is now home to Zestige Private Healthcare.

Zestige will be hosting a free to attend Open Evening at eforea spa at Hilton at the Ageas Bowl on Wednesday 6th March, with Zestige staff - including leading Harley Street plastic surgeon Dr Joffily - in attendance to chat through the services and procedures available.

To attend the Open Evening, simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Open Evening

Zestige offer a range of comestic treatments - including hair transplants, facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast surgery and liposuction - all carried out by pioneering, experienced surgeons in private clinics in Southampton and also on Harley Street, London. 

Find Out More

Zestige will be offering free consultations at the Ageas Bowl for those interested in finding out more about the procedures available.

If you'd like more information or to talk to one of the Zestige team please email

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