Coaching FAQs

Please find below a range of coaching frequently asked questions.

Coaching FAQs

What Clothing Should My Child Wear When Attending A Coaching Course?

Although we have no strict dress code, we do recommend that your child dresses in sports clothing and wears comfortable and appropriate footwear.

On Courses That Run Through Lunch, Is There Any Food Provided?

We do not provide lunches on our courses, please send your child along with a packed lunch if the timings of the course dictate.

What Equipment Will My Child Need To Bring With Them?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide playing equipment to all attendees and as a result ask players to bring along at minimum, a bat.

Are There Age Restrictions On The Courses?

The majority of our coaching courses are available to 6-14 year olds, however each course does have specific information about attendee age and playing level within its description.

My Child Has Attended A Course But Left Something Behind, What Shoud I Do?

Any equipment or clothing found at the end of each day/course will be retained by the coaches and made available for collection the next day.

I'd Like To Book A Course, How Do I Do So?

To book a course, please visit the coaching course section of the website where you will be able to book directly online. If you have any questions surrounding the coaching offering that you would like answered ahead of booking, please call 07500 005698 or email

I've Booked A Course, When Will I Receive More Information About It??

A confirmation email will be sent prior to the course's start date, this will contain the following; drop off/collection information, coach information, contact and address details.

I'd Like To Book An Individual Day(s) Within A Longer Coaching Course, Is That Possible?

Yes this is possible. The prices and booking option for individual days will be stated on the course information pages.

If we haven't been able to answer your query above, please do not hesitate to contact our Coaching Team via or by completing the enquiry form at the bottom of this page, via the 'Contact Us' module.