* Latest ECB guidance for the use of outdoor facilities

Please click here for a summary of the latest ECB guidance for the use of outdoor facilities which can viewed in full and downloaded here.

The purpose of these guidelines is to offer practical guidance to players and clubs on the steps they should take while undertaking recreational cricket activity and informal cricket activity in an outdoor environment given the current restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The key update in the guidance is the allowance of small group sizes (now up to six individuals), however a number of other subtle but important changes are listed throughout the document.

Guidance specifically relating to Wales can be found here.  These guidelines currently apply to England only and are consistent with UK Government guidance, published on 1 June 2020 relating to the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England.

Please click here to download the poster relating to the above guidance, and here for the ECB statement of 28 May which also announced that the professional domestic season will not restart before 1 August.

* Can ECB provide guidance on getting clubhouses ready?

Please click here for a summary of the latest guidance issued on clubhouses and a link to the full guidance.

Can ECB provide more coaching ideas taking into account the latest guidance?

ECB Coaches Association have provided content and will be uploading more content to iCoachcricket which is open to all.  Please click here to log in / register.  If you have drills you would like to share, send them as attachment or wetransfer by email the ECB Coach Education department.

How do insurance, coaching ratios and other Clubmark requirements interact with the new guidance, e.g. do we need a qualified coach for a group of 5 children?  Does the supervising person need to be DBS checked?  Does this apply to ECB Clubmark clubs only?

All Clubmark requirements stand but precedence should be given to COVID-19 restrictions.  Supervision ratios are still appropriate. The standards apply to all clubs and while clubs will need to demonstrate compliance to achieve ECB Clubmark status, these are in fact required standards across the game in line with the Safe Hands Policy.

Is a parent (who is not a qualified coach) and child using nets unsupervised allowed? 

Regarding parents and children being in the nets together, if it is a coaching session then this would not be possible, as all coaching sessions need to be run by an ECB qualified coach.  If it is recreation and exercise, then this is fine. 

Does signage or statement by club/facility owner stating “used unsupervised at your own risk” absolve clubs legally should an incident occur, e.g. injury from ball strike resulting from hole in netting or something similar?

The club / club representative is required to ensure all risk assessments / sanitation procedures are carried out prior to / in between sessions, and so "at your own risk" is not a sufficient response when the ECB guidelines have specified what must be done in order for a club to re-open their facilities.  Ultimately it is for the club to decide and ensure that their facilities are being used correctly, so it may be worth checking with insurance providers to see what is and is not covered.  If an injury is sustained, then whoever the club has nominated to carry out First Aid should be on-hand to assist, following the ECB guidelines, "Clubs should ensure usual access to first aid and emergency equipment is maintained (in some cases this may require limited access to the clubhouse). Please click here for the St John Ambulance guidance on delivering first aid during the COVID-19 pandemic".

If the club’s facility is in an open public park setting, does this alter either of the above?  Can a club still utilise the facility provided the club has ensured that the facility complies with ECB guidance prior to each block of club sessions?

If a club cannot effectively manage the area they intend to play on, then they should remain closed and erect signage on their property that explains that.  They should also inform whoever controls the public space that as a duty of care, that they believe the net facility should be closed until restrictions are lifted and advise whoever control the public space; to erect signs highlighting the closure.  As things change, the club should keep in contact with whoever controls the public space, to ensure both parties understand how they will manage this safely.  Please note that site specific queries would be best directed to facilities@ecb.co.uk where the team can discuss individual circumstances and provide bespoke advice.

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