Cricket Unleashed Gains Real Momentum

We absolutely need to challenge 'what we currently do' to get to 'what players and officials want in the future'

Some great ideas...the challenge is how to drive change #CricketUnleashed
Big thanks to Sway youth representatives @Nickbrien24 and @Cstraw98 for coming tonight

Sway Cricket Club via twitter @SwayCC

100 players and volunteers from 55 cricket clubs and organisations have already got together to work out how to get more people playing the nation's summer game. 

"We absolutely need to challenge what we currently do to get to what players and officials want in the future”, said Hampshire Cricket Board's new director Tony Oxley, veteran league cricketer and award-winning coach, who leads the Hampshire Cricket Unleashed events.

Click here to come to the final event at Ropley Sports Pavilion on Wednesday 19th October: