Other Services at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre

As well as their core services of Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Sports & Exercise Therapy and the guest services from Hedge End Chiropractic, the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre also offers a range of other services that can help improve both physical and mental wellbeing.

These services include Podiatry, Adult Ear Irrigation, Sports Psychology and Mindset Coaching for Pain.

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The Hampshire Wellbeing Centre is home to the Hedge End Podiatry Clinic.

Hedge End Podiatry Clinic offer comprehensive podiatry treatments, applying over twenty years of experience to each treatment, to help alleviate any type of foot problem.

For more information on the types of treatments on offer and how our podiatrist Elisabeth Allan can help with your foot problems, please visit her website via the link below.


Routine Podiatry: £40

Nail Care: £33

Verruca Treatment: £40

Biomechanical Assessment: £40

Plaster of Paris Casts: £40

Routine Orthoses: £48

Bespoke Orthoses: £250

Nail Surgery: £170 

Pedique Nail Reconstruction: £55

All major credit and debit cards accepted apart from American Express.

To book a Podiatry appointment at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre please don't hesitate to contact podiatrist Elisabeth Allan on 02380 471 883 or via lilla_allan@hotmail.co.uk.

MVB Health at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre

Adult Ear Irrigation

Ear wax provides essential protection for your ears, but an excess build-up of wax may cause blockage of the ear canal leading to discomfort and difficulty in hearing.  This issue is more common in those with skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis, and those who use hearing aids or headphones.

Ear irrigation (previously called ear syringing) is unfortunately no longer available on the NHS, but MVB Health do provide this safe and effective method for cleaning out the ear canal.  Delivered by our expert NMC registered nursing staff, with over 20 years’ experience in both the NHS and Private Healthcare, you are in safe hands.

Clinics run every Monday at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre, but please be aware that you will require a 7 day gap between booking your session and your appointment, in order to complete the required regime of ear wax softening. 


Ear Assessment & Irrigation: £60 (30 min)

Ear Assessment (if cause of issue not confirmed): £20 (10 min)

Assessment Follow Up: £40 (20 min)

To book an Adult Ear Irrigation appointment, please contact the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre directly via 02380 475 637, or via enquiries@hantswellbeingcentre.com

For more information on Adult Ear Irrigation, please contact vbaxter@mvbhealth.co.uk.


As well as their Adult Ear Irrigation service, MVB Healthcare are now also offering Cryotherapy or Cryosurgery service at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre.

Cryotherapy is a highly effective and safe procedure to freeze and destroy benign skin lesions, It is a relatively low risk procedure, and the Cryopen (r) delivers N20 directly to the lesion and not the healthy surrounding tissue. Cryopen (r) is both CE and FDA registered and all treatments are provided by a senior state registered nurse.

The treatment application often only last a few seconds, and are relatively pain free, and we recommend a follow up visit 2-4 weeks post treatment to confirm that all pathological tissue has disappeared.  Depending on the size of the lesion being treated a follow up treatment is sometimes necessary. 


Treatment Cost: From £60

With an additional cost of £12 if an additional N20 canister is used (multiple lesion treatment sessions may require more than one canister).

To book an Cryotherapy appointment, please contact the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre directly via 02380 475 637, or via enquiries@hantswellbeingcentre.com

For more information on Cryotherapy, please contact vbaxter@mvbhealth.co.uk.

Sports Psychology

Sport Psychology is the science of why we think what we think and do what we do, and this area of sports medicine is rapidly growing as more and more athletes are utilising what sports psychology has to offer in order to achieve their full sporting potential. This is done through strategies and skills designed to manage your mind, whilst competing and training, so that your physical and mental performance is optimised.

Darren Britton, a specialist sports psychologist, is a member of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Sport and Exercise and a Postgraduate Researcher in Performance Psychology, and runs our service here at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre. The initial appointment takes place at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre but follow up appointments, if needed, can be arranged in a variety of locations depending on what suits you best so please do contact us for more information.

An introduction to Sports Psychology and how it can help you


Initial consultation (1 hour): £75

Follow up sessions: £75 p/h

To book a Sports Psychology appointment, please contact the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre directly via 02380 475 637, or via enquiries@hantswellbeingcentre.com.

Mindset Coaching For Pain

Psychological support and coaching is available for people from all walks of life recovering from injury, operations, or experiencing pain. Our approach is one that, rather than focusing on the causes of pain, helps people to develop the confidence to get on and live their lives and achieve their goals.

Rather than simply prescribe techniques or skills, solution-focused pain coaching will work with your own strengths, resources, and 'what works for you'.

This unique approach is available for individuals who are:

  • Recovering from sports injuries
  • Recovering from operations and medical procedures
  • Are experiencing chronic pain

Initial consultations are available now.


Initial consultation (1 hour): £75

Follow up sessions: £75 p/h

Get in contact to find out more and to book a consultation.