Other Services at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre

As well as their core services of Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Sports & Exercise Therapy and the guest services from Hedge End Chiropractic, the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre also offers a range of other services that can help improve both physical and mental wellbeing.

These services include Chiropody & Podiatry, Hypnotherapy, Paediatric Dietetic Services and Sports Psychology.

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Chiropody & Podiatry

The Hampshire Wellbeing Centre is home to the Hedge End Chiropody & Podiatry Clinic.

Hedge End Chiropody & Podiatry Clinic offer comprehensive chiropody and podiatry treatments, applying over twenty years of experience to each treatment, to help alleviate any type of foot problem.

For more information on the types of treatments on offer and how our podiatrist Elisabeth Allan can help with your foot problems, please visit her website via the link below.

To book a Chiropody & Podiatry appointment at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre please don't hesitate to contact podiatrist Elisabeth Allan on 02380 471 883 or via lilla_allan@hotmail.co.uk.

Psychological Therapy including Hypnotherapy

Qualified hypnotherapist Ed Francis joined the team at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre back in 2018, broadening the range of services on offer to include psychological therapy and hypnotherapy to help customers address mental and emotional struggles as well as physical ones. 

Ed offers a range of one on one services and group courses at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre, including courses and sessions to help combat Stress Management, Weight Loss and Fears & Phobias.

Discover psychological therapy at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre and how it could help you

To find out more about how Ed can help you, or to book an appointment to see him at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre, please do not hesitate to contact him via 07809 728 185 or via info@edfrancishypnotherapy.co.uk

So pleased we came across Ed! He has made the anxiety and worries in our household bearable! Fantastic with young adults and teenagers.

Paediatric Dietitian

Dietitian Joan Gavin also works at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre Team, bringing her specialist services to the clinic on Thursdays from 9am until 1pm. 

Specialising in children between birth and 18 years of age, she treats a range of food-related conditions including, food allergies, fussy eating, reflux, constipation, anaemia, faltering growth, irritable bowel syndrome and a range of digestion issues.

With over 20 years clinical experience as a paediatric dietitian in the NHS and a diploma in child psychology, Joan is an expert at finding dietary solutions that will make a lasting impact in both yours and your childs' lives.

Tackle food-related conditions with paediatric dietitian Joan Gavin

To find out more about how Joan can help you, or to book an appointment to see her at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre, please don't hesitate to contact her directly via 07818204948 or via joangavin@dietitian4kids.co.uk.

Sports Psychology

Sport Psychology is the science of why we think what we think and do what we do, and this area of sports medicine is rapidly growing as more and more athletes are utilising what sports psychology has to offer in order to achieve their full sporting potential. This is done through strategies and skills designed to manage your mind, whilst competing and training, so that your physical and mental performance is optimised.

Darren Britton, a specialist sports psychologist, is a member of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Sport and Exercise and a Postgraduate Researcher in Performance Psychology, and runs our service here at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre. The initial appointment takes place at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre but follow up appointments, if needed, can be arranged in a variety of locations depending on what suits you best so please do contact us for more information.

An introduction to Sports Psychology and how it can help you


Initial consultation (1 hour): £60

Follow up sessions: £60 p/h

To book a Sports Psychology appointment, please contact the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre directly via 02380 475 637, or via enquiries@hantswellbeingcentre.com.