What Is Physiotherapy?

Unlike some centres, the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre only employ staff for their Physio Team that have achieved an advance clinical specialist level in Physiotherapy - in other words, only staff that have at least 10 years of experience and have acquired significant post qualification training. By doing this we are able to deliver an extremely effective service, helping to optimise your outcome in a timely manner.  Subsequently, between our team of nine physiotherapists we have just over 185 years of experience that can be accessed and channelled into your care.

Physiotherapy is a science-based profession that can aid people affected by injury, illness or disability, and here at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre we commonly utilise multiple treatment modalities in every clinical case.  Such treatments could include exercise prescription, mobilisation and manipulation techniques, soft tissue massage, self treatment methods, acupuncture, and education, but treatments are varied and individualised to your specific needs.

The list of ailments that can be treated by the Physio Team at the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre is vast and includes any form of muscle or bone injury, arthritic joints, growing pains, postural pains, movement problems, injury prevention, recovery from illness, whiplash, post-operative rehabilitation and spinal pain (including chronic lower back pain). 

We also treat more complicated conditions such as jaw pain, temporomandibular joint pain, longstanding groin pain, exercise related leg pain, exercise for frailty and postural orthostatic hypotension.

If you would like our Physio Team to help you, please do give us a call or send an email and we would be happy to discuss your individual situation. Please call us on 02380 475637 or email


"Once again being put back together by the most incredible Sports Physio, Paul McIntyre. Without Paul, there is not a chance I'd be competing or playing sports at the level I do with my medical condition - EDS. Where ever I am around the world (including remote places), when injuries pop up and accidents happen he's on Skype talking me through what I need to do to finish my event or expedition and when home tirelessly works to fix me. Total legend. Think I may be out for multiple weeks now with my shoulder but I know he will get me back to doing what I love quicker than anyone else. Thanks Paul." (Samantha)

"Thank you so much for your professional help this year. It took me five years, several physio/pilates/running school sessions with not getting any result and you got to the bottom of it in your first assessment. Thank you, it might not be the result I was wishing for but at least I know now with certainty what I am dealing with." (Lisa, Southampton)

Our son has worked with physiotherapist Mel South since having major foot surgery in 2014. She has been a constant support to James through his physiotherapy programme and always offers both friendly and professional support to him. Mel finds a way to ensure James has fun during his sessions but still works him hard. She shows a huge amount of compassion and really cares about her clients. The knowledge Mel has in her field is exceptional and she is excellent at explaining and demonstrating what needs to be done. The team at Ageas are always professional, friendly, punctual and courteous. The clinic is always clean, tidy and welcoming and it is always easy to park." (Tracey, Southampton)

Your Initial Physiotherapy Session 

Your initial appointment will involve a consultation and an assessment with your physiotherapist.  They will then be able to offer a diagnosis (if required) and begin your individualised treatment plan.  For self pay clients the initial assessment is an hour, but the time may be less for insurance clients, depending on what their policies provide.  For some insurance cases where less time is provided for, we will ask you to complete a 10-minute series of questions before your time with the physiotherapist begins.  By using this approach we are able to maximise your face to face time with your specialist.

Any follow up sessions with our physiotherapy team are around 30 minutes.

What's Covered?

Hampshire Wellbeing Centre, as well as seeing self-funded members of the public, also caters for medically insured patients as the centre is registered with all health care providers.  Please ensure that you bring your insurance details (including membership number and authorisation code) to your initial session.  It is very important that you inform your insurance company that your are coming to see us BEFORE your initial appointment.

Want To Know More?

For more information on the types of physiotherapy available or to make an enquiry, please contact the Physio Team at Hampshire Wellbeing Centre directly on 02380 475637, or email via


Initial Assessment (45 - 60 Minutes) - £66

Follow Up (up to 30 minutes) - £41