What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a science-based profession that can aid people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy and education.

The list of ailments that can be treated by the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre's team of physiotherapists is vast and includes any form of muscle or bone injury, arthritic joints, growing pains, postural pains, movement dysfunction, injury prevention, recovery from illness, whiplash, post-operative rehabilitation and spinal pain (including chronic lower back pain).

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy treatments will be conducted by one of the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre's specialist physiotherapists, a team headed up by Dan Young, a chartered physiotherapist with over ten years experience, having previously worked with a range of national sports teams. The team will provide you with a working diagnosis of the problem and suggest treatment options to help you recover.

Your Initial Physiotherapy Session

This would include an assessment and treatment and will last for around 1 hour. However, for acute injuries, such as a pulled hamstring, shorter appointments can be made. Any follow up sessions with our physiotherapists would then last around 30 minutes, but may be longer depending on treatment required.

What's Covered?

The Hampshire Wellbeing Centre, as well as seeing self-funded members of the public, also caters for medically insured patients as the centre is registered with all health care providers.

Want To Know More?

For more information on the types of physiotherapy available or to make an enquiry, please contact the Hampshire Wellbeing Centre directly on 02380 475637, via or the 'Contact Us' module at the bottom of this page.


Initial Assessment (approx 1 hour) - £66

Follow Up (up to 30 minutes) - £41

Physiotherapy session (1 hour) - £66

Physiotherapy session (1.5 hours) - £99

Physiotherapy triage assessment (up to 30 minutes) - £41