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What Is Running Gait Analysis?

Running gait analysis is an assessment that uses a video camera and advanced computer software to capture and analyse your body in motion. Slowing down this video footage to single frames per second can reveal a host of subtle movement dysfunctions and can help us to show you how you run. Every single running gait is unique and performing a video gait analysis is a useful tool to identify any subtle weaknesses or suboptimal movements that may reduce the efficiency of your running style or even cause you injury.

‘Perform Running’ caters for the everyday runner who is looking to prevent injuries and wants to run as efficiently as possible. This innovative running ‘MOT’ service is delivered from our specially adapted gym and allows you to receive all the benefits a bespoke sports medicine centre can offer.

The Running ‘MOT’ service is provided by our running specialist and sports massage therapist Kyle Pepperman-Hackett who has run Nationally and Internationally at the World Cross Series and, holds a PB of 31:20 for 10km on the road. Kyle treats a number of GB athletes including 2014 Commonwealth runner Louise Damon, Multisport athlete Kelly Wickens, and works with Hampshire Cricket and One Pro Cycling.

The Perform Running is £75 for a 90 minute consultation that will take place in our own well equipped gym. Your assessment will generate a wealth of data which will be analysed to provide you with an individualised plan to help you achieve your goal; whether it is running the London marathon or completing your first Parkrun.

What the session comprises:

  • Gait analysis - slow motion camera angles from top to toe
  • Muscle imbalance testing - via our dynamic movement system
  • Range of movement assessment - looking at how well your body moves
  • Training plan outlook – analysis of your current training plan
  • Advice – specific advice and guidance based on your assessment
  • Next step plan - a consultation on how to move forward

Additional Extras:

  • Bespoke training plan for marathon build up
  • PDF report of the findings from the session
  • After service care with running re-education and exercise’s
  • Individual coaching

Want To Know More?

For more information on running gait analysis or to make an enquiry, please contact Perform at The Ageas Bowl directly on 02380 475637, via or the 'Contact Us' module at the bottom of this page.


90 Minute Consultation - £75