Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

What Is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning is the planning and delivery of a sport specific programme of exercise that can enhance your overall physical performance in your chosen sport or activity.  It is more than just personal training and you don’t need to be an elite athlete to work with a Strength and Conditioning coach.

Strength and Conditioning has a vital role to play in the world of sport and it is now more common for individual and team athletes at recreational level to engage with this form of training in preference to going to the gym. Whether you are recovering from an injury, training for a marathon, play sport at any level, or simply want to be educated on how to exercise safely and effectively, Strength and Conditioning coaching will help you achieve your full potential.

What Does Strength and Conditioning Include?

Strength and Conditioning incorporates an array of important training aspects, all of which contribute towards injury prevention as well as facilitating and enhancing performance. It is not singularly about weight-lifting, ‘Strength and Conditioning’ encompasses the complete development of an individual ranging from core stability, muscular endurance, speed, agility and plyometrics, with strength training being just one of many important aspects.  Strength & Conditioning is regularly used to improve an individual’s level of daily activity and wellbeing.

How Do We Operate Strength and Conditioning For You?

Due to its range of benefits, Strength and Conditioning can be delivered to you in a multitude of ways. It may be a specific ‘S & C’ session or alternatively it may fall into your physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions.

Following your initial session, in our brand new performance facility, a tailored programme designed specifically for your goals will be created, and you are then free to choose to conduct your programme at home or your local gym.  We also offer a range of packages should you want to continue using our performance facility.

What To Expect

Your first session will involve an assessment to determine your desired outcomes and will act as an opportunity to discuss any existing problems you may have.  We will also discuss your current training level and how you would like to implement your programme. 

Some people only want advice and one session is enough, others may like regular sessions to monitor and review their set objectives and to develop their training programme as they progress. Each individual is different and subsequently each programme is tailored to suit your needs. 

Want To Know More?

For more information on strength and conditioning or to make an enquiry, please contact Perform at The Ageas Bowl directly on 02380 475637, via


One to One Session - £40

A consultation followed by a practical educational Strength and Conditioning session (1 Hour)

6 x One to One Sessions - £200

Initial consultation as above, followed by five, one hour sessions that are scheduled to suit you and your programme.


Please note, all prices are inclusive of VAT and all include online support for the duration of your programme. The above packages demonstrate our most common services however, please do call or email to discuss your specific needs.